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Contact Remover Plus 2.16 torrent

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Contact Remover Plus 2.16 torrent
Contact Remover Plus 2.16  torrent




All in one powerful, easy to use app:* Find duplicate contacts[1]
* Merge contacts
* Copy contacts between accounts
* Move contacts between accounts
* Delete contacts one at a time or in huge batches
* Delete all contacts from just one account (phone or synced; works with SIM contacts on some phones[2])
* Remove contacts found by searchFacebook, LinkedIn and other non-gmail users: This app may not allow you to manipulate contacts in non-gmail accounts. Download the free version of Contact Remover and try deleting a contact to see if it will work for you. Different phones work differently and I can’t possibly test them all.NOTE: Users who are reporting lost contacts may be merging or moving contacts into accounts that don’t allow editing outside their own app (like Facebook, LinkedIn and perhaps Skype). Contact Remover Plus happily writes to these accounts but when the account is synced the data Contact Remover Plus wrote is deleted by the sync process. If you want to move or merge into a non-GMail account, please test it first with the Copy function, then sync and make sure the copied data is still there. I will release a new version that deals with this problem in the near future.Duplicate finder can match on name (including nicknames), full or partial phone number (like without area code), and email address. You control what gets merged and what doesn’t. Use this to safely remove duplicates without losing data.Based on the popular free app, Contact Remover, the "plus" version includes power features to get your contact list really cleaned up and trimmed down:* Automatically find duplicate contacts based on name, phone number or email [1].
* Matches nicknames and partial phone numbers when searching for duplicates.
* Quickly merge any or all duplicates found.
* Select only contacts from your phone’s built in account.
* Select contacts by synced account.
* Move contacts between accounts, your phone.
* Copy contacts between accounts, your phone.
* Merge contacts with an intuitive and easy to use merge tool.
* View contact details right in the app.
* Edit contact details from within the app.
* Extraordinary help tells you all you would ever want to know about how the Android contact system works.
* On some phones you can select, copy and move contacts from your SIM card. See note [2] below.*** Please email me if you have any problems, questions or suggestions. We developers CANNOT RESPOND to comments left as feedback in the market–google just doesn’t give us any way to do it–so please email me! I take customer support seriously.[1] – A user has reported running out of memory using the Find Duplicates function on a phone with 20,000 contacts. While the app is reasonably efficient in memory use now, it cannot currently handle a database of that size. The app has been tested with 10,000 contacts, though the exact content of the contacts and the number of duplicates can also affect memory use. Your milage may vary. This note probably applies to about 2 people on the planet who have that many contacts ;-)[2] Access to SIM contacts is not handled uniformly on all phones. If accessing SIM contacts is important to you, please try that right away and refund if it fails. I’m working on better SIM support.


(1): Please use 7Zip/WinRAR/Universal Extractor to EXTRACT FILES
(2): Copy and paste to extSD and Install
(3): Some Apps/Games need "Root"
(4): Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!




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