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Droid Circuit Calc Pro 3.2 torrent

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Droid Circuit Calc Professional three.2 torrent
Droid Circuit Calc Pro 3.2  torrent



Droid Circuit Calc Professional three.2 | 14.2 MB

Droid Circuit Calc Professional is useful gizmo for electronics scholar and hobbyists. It helps and makes it lot simpler to do calculations on your circuits and design works. The Professional model has digital calculators, digital elements information, helpful digital assets information, large assortment of digital circuits for hobbyists, digital symbols and 74xx collection pin outs and so on.

You will have now a lot of digital circuit calculators like

* Ohm Regulation Calculator
* Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator
* Parallel Resistors Calculator
* LED Resistor Calculator
* RC Filter calculator
* LC Filter Calculator
* Op Amp Lively Filter Calculator
* Resonance Calculator
* Frequency and Wavelength Calculator
* RF Calculators (Microstrip, coaxial cable, pi attenuator, t attenuator calculators)
* 555 Timer astable and Monostable multivibrator calculator
* Op amp inverting and non inverting amplifier calculator
* Open air single layer inductance calculator
* LM317 fixed present calculator
* LM317 voltage regulator calculator
* Zener Diode collection resistor calculator
* PCB Hint Width Calculator
* Battery Cost Time Calculator

Within the digital elements part you’ll be able to take pleasure in now

* SMD resistor worth codes calculator
* Resistor colour codes calculator
* Capacitor values code calculator
* SMD resistor and capacitor packages information
* Commonplace 2% and 5% resistance worth desk
* Normal 1% resistance worth desk
* IC packages information (DIP ICs, SO ICs, PLCC ICs and so forth)
* LM78xx and LM79xx voltage regulators information
* LM317 and LM337 voltage regulators information

And within the assets part we’ve

* Listing of ASCII codes
* Radio frequencies listing
* AWG wire gauge desk for resistance and present
* Micro SD card pinouts
* Totally different PC ports pinouts (like serial port, parallel port, joystick or recreation port, USB port, VGA port, mini VGA, PS2 mouse port, community port, mini USB, S Video, Scart Port, HDMI Port, Firewire (IEEE 1394) Port, GPIB Port, Sata, DVI (Digital Video Interface) Port, Prolonged IDE Port and Apple 30 pin Dock Port)
* Microchip PIC microcontroller ICSP connector pinouts.
* Atmel AVR microcontroller ISP connector pinouts
* LCDs (for microcontrollers) Pinouts (16 x 2 LCD, Hitachi HD44780 LCD, 128 x 64 graphics LCD, Nokia 3310 LCD)
* ATX Energy provide connector pinouts
* GSM SIM module pinouts
* PICAXE pinouts and specs. (08M2, 14M2, 18M2, 20M2, 20X2, 28X2 and 40X2)
* Garmin GPS connectors pinouts (EM406, four pinround connector, Nuvi connector)

In circuits part we have now got here up with 7 classes and 40 circuits. However there’s lot extra to return quickly. Circuits Classes are

* Audio amplifiers Circuits
* Alarms and Bells Circuits
* 555 Timer IC Circuits
* LED Circuits
* Energy Provide Circuits
* RC Aircraft Circuits
* House Safety Circuits
* RF Circuits
* Photo voltaic Circuits

for you………..and nonetheless extra to return very quickly…………. simply keep tuned……………

Digital calculators, digital circuits, electronics references, Pinouts, Cables & Adapters and rather more extra…….

Whats New :
1. automotive iso connector pinouts added
2. tantalum smd capcitor measurement desk added
three. resistor packages desk up to date
four. APC UPS Sensible Cable Knowledge added
5. Bugs fastened

Requires Android: 2.2+


(1): Please use 7Zip/WinRAR/Common Extractor to EXTRACT FILES
(2): Copy and paste to extSD and Set up
(three): Some Apps/Video games want "Root"
(four): Take pleasure in and Help Builders, Purchase It, They Deserved It!




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