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Electrical calculations PRO v5.0.2 Paid torrent

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Electrical calculations PRO Paid torrent
Electrical calculations PRO v5.0.2 Paid  torrent



Electrical calculations PRO Paid | four Mb

Necessities: 2.2+
Overview: The perfect electrical calculations all the time at hand for any electrician!

Wire measurement
Calculation of voltage drop
Calculation of present
Calculation of voltage
Calculation of lively energy
Calculation of obvious energy [PRO]
Calculation of reactive energy [PRO]
Calculation of resistance
Motor from three-phase to single-phase
Capacitor begin motor single-phase [PRO]
Calculation rpm motor [PRO]
Motor effectivity [PRO]
Most torque [PRO]
Diagram three-phase motor (6 leads)
Diagram three-phase motor (9 leads) [PRO]
Diagram three-phase motor (12 leads) [PRO]
Code resistors four colours
Code resistors 5-6 colours [PRO]
Colour code inductor [PRO]
Colours resistor from worth
SMD resistor code [PRO]
Fuses [PRO]
Sum resistors
Sum capacitors [PRO]
Conversion Δ-Y [PRO]
Conversion HP/KW
Desk AWG/mm²
Conversion of part
Conversion cm/inch
Conversion size [PRO]
Conversion voltage (Amplitude) [PRO]
Conversion sin/cos/tg/φ [PRO]
Conversion power [PRO]
Conversion temperature [PRO]
Conversion strain [PRO]
Conversion Ah / kWh [PRO]
Conversion Gauss / Tesla [PRO]
Conversion RPM – rad/s – m/s [PRO]
Reactance [PRO]
Impedance [PRO]
Resonant frequency [PRO]
Voltage divider [PRO]
Zener diode as voltage stabiliser [PRO]
Resistance to scale back voltage
Resistance for led
Energy issue correction [PRO]
Energy issue correction of small masses [PRO]
Energy issue correction of transformer MV/LV [PRO]
Battery life [PRO]
Main/Secondary winding of transformer
Brief circuit present [PRO]
Brief circuit present with transformer substation [PRO]
Present carrying capability IEC [PRO]
Present carrying capability NEC [PRO]
Conductor resistance [PRO]
Desk of cables reactance IEC [PRO]
Desk of cables reactance NEC [PRO]
Desk of resistivity [PRO]
IP/IK/NEMA safety courses
Antenna size [PRO]
Electrical symbols
Electrical energy all over the world
Joule Impact [PRO]
Wiring shade codes
SI Prefix
Unit of measurement
Fault present of strings [PRO]
Ethernet wiring (RJ-45) [PRO]
Pinout Ethernet with PoE [PRO]
RJ-11,14,25,48 [PRO]
Pinout Scart [PRO]
Pinout USB [PRO]
Pinout HDMI [PRO]
Pinout VGA [PRO]
Pinout DVI [PRO]
Pinout RS-232 [PRO]
Pinout FireWire (IEEE1394) [PRO]
Pinout molex [PRO]
Pinout Sata [PRO]
Pinout Apple Lightning [PRO]
Pinout Apple Dock Connector [PRO]
Pinout PS/2 [PRO]
Fiber optic colour code [PRO]
Pinout led [PRO]
Pinout Raspberry PI [PRO]
Pinout ISO 10487 (Automotive audio) [PRO]
Pinout XLR (Audio/DMX) [PRO]
Formulary [PRO]

– English (V.Ragona)
– Italiano (E.Gallina)
– Français (Y.Tschantz)
– Español (M.Rodriguez)
– Portuguese (BR) (J.Machacaz, M.Carvalho, P.Pepeleascov, A.Fraga)
– Arabic (G.Al_dahab, A.Qaissia)
– Polish (RaV, Okay.Szuba)
– Deutsch (D.Maggi, C.Ruffino, na2xs2y, JoHa)
– Greek (T.Pergantis)
– Latvian (W.Dzerins)
– Romanian (L.Voica, C.Duta, L.Petre)
– Turkish (E.HARMANBASI, B.Aydogdu)
– Russian (L.Tsvetinovich, V.Bolshakov, Djek.Energetik)
– Dutch (I.Proshel, R.Wintersteijn)
– Magyar (O.Csaba)
– Croatian (P.Razovic)
– Malay (N.Afdhal)
– Persian (B.Eskandariun, A.Tahmasebi, B.Lashgari TJ., R.Taherizadeh)
– Lithuanian (A.Kalasunas)
– Simplified Chinese language (X.Cao)
– Serbian (Latin) (S.Fisic, V.Cvijovic, V.Lazarevic)
– Portuguese (PT) (L.Sousa)
– Czech (Skipy)
– Vietnamese (N.Duy Trung)
– Catalan (R.Vila, L.Martin Leona, antoine.nom36)
– Norwegian (drzordz)
– Bulgarian (I.Malinov)
– Swedish (J.Olandersson)
– Conventional Chinese language (EricLee, J.Enrique Gutierrez)
– Slovenian (S.Veternik)
– Ukrainian (R.Korzh)
– Hebrew (R.keller)


* Upd: Malay language (by Nazrul Afdhal)
* Repair: Rewrited changelog class
* Repair: Minor bugfix

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