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LinkOptimizer for Mac v5.0.11 torrent
LinkOptimizer for Mac v5.0.11  torrent

LinkOptimizer for Mac v5.0.11

A streamlined and advanced InDesign plug-in that can reduce the linked images size, optimize images and automatically process other tasks

LinkOptimizer is a powerful plug-in for Adobe InDesign that is capable of automating a variety of tasks in your InDesign project by processing documents included in a project through Photoshop and reimporting them back into InDesign. LinkOptimizer is a different kind of plug-in because it works as a standalone application.

One-click image batch processing for InDesign users

After opening LinkOptimizer from the Zevrix menu in InDesign, you will be able to view details about the documents / images in the project and process them with a single click. Moreover, you can configure a variety of preferences from the Settings window before the process takes place.

The settings include choosing which pages to process, creating and saving presets and changing the process itself. LinkOptimizer can optimize the resolution of images, edit images, convert images, backup and relink images and scan for duplicates.

Optimize and rescale documents easier than ever before

More specifically, it can change the resolution of all pictures, crop and rescale them, convert them to different formats, convert colors, merge layers, overwrite original files when relinking, run Photoshop actions or backing up originals.

Furthermore, the workflow consists of analyzing the documents in the projects according to the settings you have configured, viewing the results in the Link window and then processing the document with the help of Photoshop.

An easy-to-use tool for InDesign designed to make a lot more productive

Taking everything into consideration, LinkOptimizer is a production-efficient plugin for Adobe InDesign that has the potential to reduce hours or even days of work in an assigned job. The plug-in is aimed at ad agencies, printers or other service providers who want to automate image handling tasks in InDesign.

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