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Mipony for Mac v2.5.0 torrent

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Mipony for Mac v2.5.0 torrent
Mipony for Mac v2.5.0  torrent

Mipony for Mac v2.5.0

Powerful download manager for Mac OS X that can handle multiple transfers at the same time, and can break files into several segments to increase the download speed

Mipony is a well organized Mac OS X that can handle numerous downloads at the same time. The utility can even increase the transfer speed by breaking the archive into multiple segments and establish multiple connections to the server for the same file.

The application brings to the table most of the functionalities included in the more popular Windows version but has been developed as a native OS X utility.

Add multiple URLs to the transfer queue and Mipony takes care of the rest

The Mipony user interface is organized into different tabs that feature self-explanatory names. In the “Add Links” panel, you must input the source URLs in a text field and press the “Detect Links” for the app to register them. This system can be very efficient because you get to batch process links in no time. Moreover, Mipony can also open links container files.

The next step is to select the ones you actually want to download and to specify the output location. Within the app’s “Downloads” panel, you get to monitor the process while in the “Downloaded” tab you can see the list of completed transfers.

Works with simultaneous downloads and multiple file segments

In the Mipony Options window, you can setup the default output location, or the number of allowed simultaneous downloads/downloads per site/segments per file. In addition, you can limit the download speed, and the failed download retries number.

Noteworthy is that Premium Mipony users can connect the app to their accounts to various file sharing websites, and can even control the app remotely by enabling the web interface function.

Simple yet powerful download manager that can increase the data transfer speed

All in all, the Mipony application proves to be considerably straightforward to use: even if you cannot send URLs directly to the manager, you can input multiple addresses in text form and the app will batch process them.

Since Mipony can deal with simultaneous downloads, it can reduce the transfer’s time, but keep in mind that, depending on your settings, it might take a serious chunk out of your bandwidth.

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