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Sanam Re (2016)-DVD.Rip-HEVC-DDR torrent

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Sanam Re (2016)-DVD.Rip-HEVC-DDR torrent
Sanam Re (2016)-DVD.Rip-HEVC-DDR  torrent

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Aakash (Pulkit Samrat) is a small town boy who ditches his childhood sweetheart Shruti (Yami Gautam) to make good in the city. years pass by and chance takes him to a Yoga camp where he has to meet Aakanhsha (urvashi Rautela). Aakanksha holds the key to Aaakash’s career as she is place an order that will save his job. But in the yoga camp, he also comes across Shruti..

How the love triangle gets sorted out is the story of Sanam Re.

Sanam Re has everything that a romance from Bollywood requires, except a decent script. There are two pretty actresses, some very decent music, some exotic and fabulously beautiful locales. So what if the film script lacks any semblance logic and pace and you feel like murdering the Director for the plebian treatment of what could have been a very good depiction of the travails and struggles lovers have to go through. In the end you are dissatisfied and irritated!

But lets take the good points first. Sameer Arya does a fantastic job of bringing to us breathtaking shots of Shimla, Ladakh and Calgary. The Music is good with some songs standing out. The heroines are pretty (or am I repeating myself?). But it ends there. A third rate screenplay and sloppy editing means that you start yawning halfway through the film and unless you are a diehard romantic, fall asleep soon.

Overall a film for those who love a visual treat and can shut out logic.

This is a T-Series DVD. Result? poor authoring, ghosting everywhere, oversatuation of the pictures, but good quality sound. We have managed to reduce ghost images, improve luminance a bit, reduced saturation and the result is a rip which should please the discerning viewer.

Some judicious editing has meant that the advertisements at the beginning and end of the movie have been cut, leaving you only the movie. But the audio and subtitles and chapters have been properly synchronised.

On top of it this rip has the 10-bit compressibility. The magic of x265, allowed us to compress the video to just 600 MB and yet maintain full quality. This would be equivalent to a X264 movie twice the size. Do see the sample. it is a 2 min sequence that has all the elements from action to  scenes to landscapes to close clinches..


Please note that this rip (and all HEVC rips) will not play on most stand-alone devices. You can only watch this on a computer or a compatible device. On your computer be sure that you have the latest versions of VLC (2.1.5 or higher) or Media Player Classic (Ver 1.7.9)  or SMPlayer (14.9.0). Earlier versions may not work

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