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Tone2 Electra2 2.1 Incl Crack Full Download (Win-Mac)

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Tone2 Electra2 2.1 Incl Crack Full Download (Win-Mac)
Tone2 Electra2 2.1 Incl Crack Full Download (Win-Mac)
Tone2 Electra2 2.1 Final Version for Mac OS X and Windows (x86x64) is the most powerful synthesizer on the market. Electra2 v2.1 Free brings new life into the term “synthesizer workstation”. With its powerful and sonically versatile approach to audio production, it provides you with truly outstanding new sounds. Electra2 for Mac is ready for any type of music you play!
The instrument is equipped with a high-end quality sound engine, multilayer support and a wide range of music production features, but it’s designed to put you in control. Its friendly hands-on interface allows first-timers to easily create sounds and experts to delve into sound design as deeply as they want to. And with Tone2’s high quality sound technology at its core, you’re not only working with a greater palette for creating original sounds, but also the best sound quality possible, with a lower CPU usage than any other type of workstation or synthesizer.
Electra2 v2.1 Crack Patch Full comes with an astounding sound collection of over 1200 production-ready sounds by professional sound designers. A comfortable patch browser is provided to give you an instant overview of all the available categories and sounds, together with an on-screen keyboard to audition them from within the patch browser. Picking the sound you want is as easy as it can be.
In addition to its huge sound library, Electra2 is equipped with many user-friendly control options, in case you want to tweak sounds or craft your very own. Each of its 4 layers consists of a powerful multi-timbral synthesizer with no fewer than 14 different synthesis methods.
Mix your own synth sequences with effects, import your own samples with a mouse click, use multiple arpeggiators to produce that massive bass line, create orchestral stacks, program groovy drumloops or play vocoder sounds with samples of your own voice. The sky is the limit…literally.
New Ultrasaw oscillators (PW controls detuning):
– 4 new oscs ‘Hypersaw Vir 3x-9x’ which can sound like the Hypersaw of the Virus
– New osc ‘Supersaw JP’ which has been inspired by the famous JP 8000
– New osc ‘Supersaw clean’ (same as above, but without disharmonic aliasing)
– New osc ‘Supernoise’ with a lush and creamy sound
– New osc ‘Hypersquare 9x’ with 9 detuned squarewaves
– New osc ‘Hypernoise 9x’ with a lush and creamy sound
New effects:
– Vocoder Pro is a high-end vocoder with 20 bands. The design is inspired by the legendary EMS 3000.
– Vocoder SVC has been inspired by the famous SVC 350.
New features:
– The effect parameters of all 4 insert effects can be modulated with the matrix. This can be used to create very unique sounds. Please note that not all possible routings make sense.
– Additional matrix target ‘FX Mix’ controls the dry/wet level of the insert effect
– Additional matrix targets ‘FX Par1-4’ control the effect parameters
– The new sound mode ‘scientific’ turns Electra2 into a precise signal generator
– The new sound mode ‘LowCut 140Hz’ cleans up the mix by removing low frequencies from Pads, Keys and Leads
– The new sound mode ‘HighCut analog’ simulates the muffled sound of analog synths and cleans up the mix by removing high frequencies from bass sounds.
– Additional patches which use the Supersaw OSCs: Electra 2.1 now ships with 1240 sounds
– 236 additional waveforms
Enhanced sound:
– The Vocoder effect has been replaced by an enhanced one
– Smart oversampling of the existing Ultrasaw osciallators
– More linear frequency response
– Replaced ‘Reverb Hall’ and ‘Reverb Room’ with better sounding algorithms
– High frequencies of ‘Delay’ and ‘PingPong’ effect
Enhanced GUI & interface:
– Mousewheel support for patch browser
– Better performance when patch browser is open
– Midi CC assignments are shown on top of the knobs
– Midi learn is more intuitive to use (right click on a knob)
– Menus are not longer closed automatically after 10 seconds
– Display of the new Ultrasaw oscs shows spread
– Switching synthesis mode does auto-set PW to a useful value
Further enhancements:
– Reduced RAM use by 30%. This allows to load 4 additional instances in 32 bit mode.
– Faster loading of patches.
– Reduced CPU use on patch loading.
Bug fixes:
– Fixed a problem with the LFO sync in song mode which could appear in some hosts
– Fixed a rarely appearing crash after loading a patch and then selecting ‘init’->’reset all’
– Fixed a problem with saving the midi learn configuration when several instances were opened and closed at the same time
– Fixed a possible GUI glitch after loading a patch
– Fixed a possible crash which could happen with some very old hosts
– Fixed a problem that could happen if tone was routed in the matrix
– Background grid of step lfo was not displayed correctly
– Fixed a bug in ‘Loudness’ where high frequencies were boosted in a slightly incorrect way
– Dialog box was opened twice if a double click was used to load a wav to osc
– Renamed ‘Loudness’ to ‘Dynamic loud’
– Renamed ‘Bass boost’ to ‘Dynamic bass’
– Renamed ‘Analog’ to ‘Bass boost’
– Renamed ‘Psychoacoust.’ to ‘Loudness’
Installation Instructions by
1- Open [Tone2_Electra2.1_PC_32Bit.exe] for 32-bit or [Tone2_Electra2_v2.1_PC_64Bit.exe] for 64-bit and install the software.
2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.
3- Go to crack folder, Copy ‘Electra2.t2k’ to the VST directory. Steinberg hosts often use C:\Program files\Steinberg\VSTplugins as the default plugin path. You can also take a look at your host’s folder configuration.
Generally, the correct path for the keyfile is ‘C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTplugins\Electra2.t2k’. Note that the ‘ElectraX.t2k’ keyfile should be inside the same folder the Electra2.dll is.
4- Now open your DAW host such as Fl Studio, go to Electra2, it will ask you for activation. Select Electra2.t2k.
For Mac OSX: Install the app [Tone2_Electra2_Mac.pkg] Go to crack folder, Copy ‘Electra2.t2k’ to ‘Library/Audio/Plug-ins’. The correct path for the file is: ‘/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Electra2.t2k’. Please note: ‘/Users/Username/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/’ is NOT the correct path. Filenames on Unix based systems like OSX are case sensitive.
5- Enjoy Electra2 v2.1 Activation Code Latest Full Version.

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